About Company

We are the largest cardboard tube manufacturer in the Middle East

Altahar Company started its activity in 1996 and officially entered the country’s industry in 2000. This company started with the production of ordinary cardboard tubes. With the increasing experience of the company’s hardworking managers and employees, we came to the conclusion that the major part of the quality of the cardboard tube depends on the quality of the raw materials. Therefore, in addition to creativity and innovation and equipping cardboard tube production machines, with increased investment, we decided to buy and install and set up a paper and cardboard production line for tube making, which is also thanks to the grace of God and with hard work. It was realized honestly and around the clock by managers and employees. As a result of the production of quality cardboard, Altahar Company succeeded in producing high-quality cardboard tubes for various industries in the country, including paper factories, yarn production, packaging and printing industries, nylon production, leather, textile, etc. with different quality levels and prices. became. In Altahar Group, we always take steps in line with the slogan and the main goal of the company, which is customer satisfaction, and we try to provide quality products, reasonable prices, and timely delivery throughout the country, even if it is a small service to respected artisans and consumers. We present the products of this company…

Mr. Shirdel Sorani

Procurement manager

Mr. Abbas Atai

Quality control manager

The Company Promise

We have used all our ability to produce the best cardboard tube models in the country, so that by increasing the quality of this product, we can easily have the largest global markets.

Our Testimonials

"We've been using these pizza boxes for over a year, and the quality is consistently excellent. Our customers love the fresh, hot pizza they receive every time!"

Sarah M

Manager Constructor

"The customization options for both pizza boxes and paper tubes are fantastic. We were able to get our logo and brand colors printed on them, which has really helped boost our brand visibility."

John D

Public Relationship

"These paper rolls are sturdy and reliable. We've never had any issues with them, and the delivery is always on time."

Emily R

CEO / Co-Founder

"The eco-friendly materials used in all their products, from pizza boxes to paper tubes, are a big plus for us. It's great to know that we're using sustainable packaging."

Mike T

Public Relationship

"Customer service is top-notch. They worked with us to create the perfect size and shape for our specialty pizza boxes and customized paper rolls."

Karen L

Public Relationship

"We order paper tubes in bulk, and the pricing is very competitive. Plus, the quality of the products is unmatched. Highly recommend!"

David S

Public Relationship

"Our products stay secure during transport thanks to their high-quality paper tubes. We're very satisfied with our purchase."

Lisa B

Public Relationship

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