Nylon and Leather Industries

Nylon and Leather Industries

Nylon and synthetic leather industries
Cardboard tubes can have various uses in the industry. One of the applications of cardboard tubes is in the nylon industry. In the nylon industry, cardboard tubes are used to cover many products such as adhesive tape, cellophane, etc. Today, in the leather industry, A cardboard tube is used. Synthetic leather is packed in rolls after production, and for this reason, cardboard tubes are used to roll synthetic leather.

Our ability to produce this product

Our company has the ability to produce all kinds of paper tubes for use in the nylon and synthetic leather industry and has been able to provide the best product with the highest quality and the lowest price to our customers.

Production structure

As you know, during the extrusion process of synthetic yarn, an advanced technology is used, which involves heating the resin or plastic mixture that is drawn through small holes. The thread is wound uniformly on the cardboard tube (also called a spool).
The cardboard tube is used as nylon plastic in the packaging industry and so on. Packaging of goods and packaging tubes that are used for sale are sold quickly and at reasonable prices.
Specially made cores for winding film (collapsible, polyethylene), for connecting to plastic grids, and tape (glue, insulation, etc.). Consistent and quality tape core. Our cardboard tubes and cores are made to order, including diameter, length, thickness, and strength, and with the possibility of printing. We manufacture a variety of cardboard tubes, including spiral or twisted cardboard tubes, thin-walled short tubes, and large cardboard cores.
We can supply all types of cardboard tubes and cores from our three fully specialized production facilities. For this reason, we can also provide high-quality cardboard tubes such as embossed tubes or twisted tubes with the highest resistance. In addition, we can provide plastic lids for packaging tubes.
Cardboard tubes are used for a wide range of purposes and can be designed for various uses. Many times, these pipes are created from recycled materials.

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