Cardboard barrels

Cardboard barrels

Cardboard barrels are used as the highest quality packaging model for bulk products in many countries of the world.

Barrel-making and steel industries

Production of various types of cardboard tubes with a high inner diameters, for barrel-making and steel industries, etc
Our industrial cardboard tubes are primarily used as cardboard cores for use as ring centers for materials such as paper, film, textiles, and rubber. But they are also used as division centers, reproduction cores, strip and label cores, and general cores and tubes.
Another special use for cardboard tubes is by contractors and construction industries who use large, heavy, and very durable cardboard tubes to form concrete columns.
All cardboard tubes are measured and defined by their inside dimensions rather than their exterior, and although they can vary widely, most tubes are no longer than 48 inches long to ensure structural integrity. The final product is more durable and keeps its shape better in humidity or in conditions that are affected by weather elements. These are important features, especially for storing or transporting products that can be damaged or spoiled by the elements of moisture or air, in addition to regular damage in transit.

In general, cardboard tubes are considered to be environmentally friendly. In these industries, vegetable dyes are used, which seem to be safe and non-toxic. However, cardboard industries are considered polluting industries. Outside of business, cardboard tubes are widely used in private homes for small-scale storage and when moving. . Cardboard boxes and tubes are widely used by manufacturers and distributors to transport their products to customers. Cardboard boxes, in addition to their capacity as storage and transportation materials, can be used as containers for cereals and other free food products, produce, and office supplies such as staples and paper clips, as well as for a wide variety of objects. Another small used.

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