Paper and cardboard production line

Paper and cardboard production line

A large number of paper and cardboard manufacturers inside and outside Iran are known as permanent and stable customers of our company.

Cardboard tubes are used in paper and cardboard industries to roll paper or cardboard. Cardboard tubes for use in paper and cardboard factories are usually produced with an inner diameter of 6.101 mm.

Our company operates in the field of producing cardboard tubes in Isfahan city. This company is now one of the main suppliers of cardboard tubes for paper and cardboard factories. Dear ones, you can contact this company and get information about the prices using the listed numbers. Contact us on the site.

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Cardboard tubes can be made to fit a wide range of products and be made in different levels of strength and thickness depending on the level of protection required. Cardboard tubes, mostly used for mailing, are readily available for articles, posters, documents, and artwork that can be rotated into a cylindrical shape. These postal tubes are able to withstand the pressure and stress of transportation because they are made of materials such as high-quality kraft paper. Kraft tubes are strong and often used in shipping and packaging. Other common uses for cardboard tubes include paper cores that have structural strength in items such as cloth rolls, paper towels or toilet paper and electrical wires, portable tubes for construction projects, and grease cartridges for use in the automotive industry. and mechanical industries and paper cans that are widely used in food, cosmetic, and health packaging.

Advantages of cardboard tubes

Paper tubes have many advantages. First, they are flexible and strong. Second, the tube’s cylindrical shape allows you to store items that are preferably not folded, such as artwork, maps, posters, and original maps. In addition, they can be easily reused. and be recycled. In fact, cardboard tubes are usually made from recycled paper, so they support double the sustainability. Also, since they are recyclable, cardboard tubes are a cost-effective alternative to other materials such as metal, glass, plastic, or wood. Additionally, cardboard is easier to cut, buy and dispose of than most other materials. In terms of strength-to-weight ratio, cardboard is often preferred over plastic and metal due to its lightweight and durability. Heavy cardboard tubes are much less prone to denting and breaking, making this type of cardboard ideal for high-impact shipping and mailing applications.

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