Printing and packaging industries

Printing and packaging industries

Printing and packaging industries This is very important in today’s industry.
Nowadays, more importance is given to packaging than in the past, because the proper packaging of the product and the importance of its beauty have a great impact on attracting customers and the sales of that product.

Cardboard tubes or bobbins are widely used in the packaging industry. Today, cylindrical cardboard cans are used to package all kinds of dry food, health-cosmetic, industrial, electronic, medical, etc. products.

Our company operates in the field of producing cardboard tubes for various industries, including the printing and packaging industries. The cardboard boxes produced by this company have extremely high strength and resistance and come in different sizes, dimensions, and thicknesses for packaging materials. Food, herbal medicines, etc. are created according to the customer’s taste.

For more information in this field and to know the price of the pipe, please contact the numbers listed on the site.

Cardboard tube in printing and packaging industry

Cardboard tubes are ideal for packaging thin products, rolled posters, or clothing. The variety of sizes and printing options gives you complete control over the design and appearance. You can use cardboard tubes as a transportation solution as well as product packaging in your store. These cardboard tubes are used for different functions and come in different forms depending on the type of protection required. Coming. One of the most common uses of cardboard tubes is to transport or send documents, articles, posters, works of art, etc. The pipes are able to withstand the pressure that can occur during transportation. Most of the cardboard tubes are spirally wound and its strength is added by glue.
Pipes are measured according to their internal dimensions, so you know exactly how much interior space there is, regardless of the thickness of the pipe. The length of the cardboard tubes varies up to 48 inches, which ensures the integrity of their structure. In some cases, cardboard tubes can have internal waterproof layers or glue inside to create a waterproof seal that can protect documents from water damage during transit.
Thicker cardboard is used for cardboard tubes that are supposed to be used for shipping, mailing, or storage. Mailing tubes are built to withstand being dropped, broken, or dented during shipping. It is very important to use a tube that is the right length so that the contents do not get inside the tube and cause damage.

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