The difference between paper and plastic

The difference between paper and plastic

In this article, we will point out some of the differences between paper and plastic. Proponents of paper bags claim that paper is more environmentally friendly than plastic. On the face of it, paper seems to be an environmentally sound choice. , but according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the production of paper bags leads to higher air and water pollution, and the manufacture and recycling of paper bags requires much more energy than the production of plastic bags.

Paper bags require approximately 4 times more water than plastic and produce 3.1 times more greenhouse gases.

In addition, when paper and products made of paper and cardboard, such as paper bags and cardboard tubes, are thrown into landfills, they take up more space that does not degrade quickly and take up more space in landfills than examples They occupy their plastic.

However, bags and some plastic products are made from polyethylene, a non-biodegradable material made from natural gas and crude oil. Non-renewable resources can be recycled, but unfortunately most of them are thrown away. and end up in a landfill that takes more than 1000 years to decompose.

While plastics can be recycled, pollution is a big problem and recycling also takes energy and resources and results in low quality plastic.

Paper bags are often made from recycled paper and are made from renewable resources and are much easier to recycle.

Comparison of plastic and paper from the point of view of compatibility with the environment

Paper bags are not waterproof and tear easily under moderate weight. Those paper bags that are designed to withstand more weight represent a much higher use of paper resources. Conventional plastic bags in In this regard, they perform better than paper bags, because they can be used to store a wider variety of goods successfully and do not tear easily under pressure.


Since paper products such as paper bags, paper tubes, etc., are biodegradable, it can be assumed that recycling them is much easier than plastic products, but it is not. For example: the weight of paper bags is approximately 8 times It is more than plastic bags, which means that they are much more difficult to transport due to the increased volume.


People know that plastic bags and things made of plastic harm the environment, so they don’t leave them in the environment and dispose of them in the right way. But since paper products are made of biodegradable materials. are made, people often think of them as harmless when they put them in a landfill, and that’s a misconception.

Biodegradable materials do not break down well in landfills. Biodegradable materials require an oxygen-rich environment to break down properly, which landfills do not have. Without this, they break down into methane, one of the most harmful gases. There is a greenhouse in our atmosphere.

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