What is a cardboard tube and what are its uses?
What is a cardboard tube and what are its uses?
What is a cardboard tube and what are its uses?

What is a cardboard tube and what are its uses?

Every day we experience the use of cardboard tubes in our daily life, but we hesitate to know what they really are or what materials and materials this tube is made of and what it is used for. He has dealt with these pipes many times and many people use them in their business to send goods or even products. But in this content, we have tried to provide you with useful and brief information about this type of pipe, so take the opportunity and accompany us.

Definition of the cardboard tube

Perhaps, seeing these types of pipes, you may wonder what they are made of. Cardboard tubes are tubes made from paper pulp fibers. In many cases, even they are produced from wood pulp. In terms of appearance, they are in the form of a cylinder, which is empty inside. The thickness of the pipes is also different, that is, depending on the opinion of the consumers, they are produced in several thicknesses. Of course, if the thickness of the tubes is to be greater, the amount and amount of paper pulp layers will also be greater. Basically, these tubes are used to store or wrap products around them.

How to produce cardboard tubes

Manufacturers of cardboard tubes produce them through a special and unique process. Of course, apart from the production process, the material used also plays a very important role in their strength. First of all, it should be said that cardboard tubes are made from a series of paper layers and special adhesives. These papers are produced in large paper factories and then brought to cardboard factories. The special machines turn these papers into a series of small rolls and after they are cut, they are automatically wrapped around a shaft. Finally, in order for the papers to stick together and create a cardboard tube, it is better to use special glues.

Various types of cardboard tubes in terms of appearance

The resulting cardboard tubes are produced in various shapes and appearances, each of which has a specific function. In the following, we briefly mention these pipes.

Classic circular cardboard tube
Perhaps, according to many people who have seen this form of cardboard tube, it is a useless tube or even useless, while it is not. If you are planning to make a beautiful gift or you are planning to pack very sensitive products, this type of cardboard tube is very useful and efficient. Because it makes your packages look even more stylish.

Triangular cardboard tube

Another type of these tubes, which is highly approved by the cardboard tube manufacturer, is called a triangular cardboard tube. Triangular cardboard tubes are generally flat and are mostly used to introduce something. One of its advantages is that it does not take up space and does not roll over. Because of these advantages, it has been used and paid attention to by people.

Telescopic cardboard tubes

Maybe because of its appearance and similarity to telescopic tubes, it was called by this name, but for whatever reason, this tube is made up of variable and different lengths that are used several times. It means that it can be used several times. Due to the variable length of the telescopic cardboard tubes, they are of interest for sending different materials and products.

The use of cardboard tubes

The use and application of cardboard tubes do not go back to today or yesterday, but this useful tool has been used in various industries for years. In the following, we will mention some of its important uses.

The first use is in the packaging of sanitary products such as toilet paper, which is clear and obvious to everyone.
The second use that you have clearly seen many times is in textile mills to wrap fabric or threads around these cardboard tubes.
The third use can be mentioned in the banner-making industry, where printed banners or printer strips are wrapped around cardboard.
The fourth application is packaging and decorating expensive and luxury items or products. Such as perfumes, cosmetics, and various gifts to prevent damage to them. Other uses can be mentioned in the post of the printing industry, the production of paper towels, the yarn industry, etc.
The advantages of cardboard tubes according to the manufacturers of cardboard tubes
Tubes are made of metal and plastic materials, but cardboard tubes have several advantages over other tubes. We will mention these benefits below.

Cardboard tubes are lighter in weight and more affordable than metal and plastic tubes.

The next situation can be called the example of its production process. In fact, these pipes are produced under a very simple and common process.
Another distinct and special feature is the ability to print any photos and text on them.
Cardboard tubes are easily recyclable and will not pose any danger to the environment.

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